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Future: knowable?
Can we know what the future holds?
Picture courtesy of NASA, ESA,
S. Beckwith (STscI), and the
Hubble Heritage Team (STscI/AURA)

Our Response

All details of the future are not known to humans. But we believe that the future has been revealed sufficiently to prepare us for an outcome that we would not have predicted without the Bible: that evil will not end on its own, that God will intervene and destroy evil, that the earth will be recreated to a form more perfect and beautiful than we can imagine, that God’s people will live with Him there.

We believe we can rely on the Bible’s predictions for the future because it accurately predicted events that are now past.

Our congregation takes its name from the Bible’s promise that Christ’s return to earth will begin the final restoration.  It is this hope in his second Advent that comforts and sustains us through this time when evil seems to have the upper hand.

Church of the Advent Hope